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Iron Making


POSCO E&C has considerable experience in EPC turn-key projects for new steel making plants and has been expanding steel making business to overseas markets based on the projects executed in Pohang and Gwangyang.

In particular, we have developed unique model of RH(Ruhrstahl Heraeus) facility &#8211 Duplex RH. This is supplied to various sites including steel making plants of POSCO

Whether it is BOF or EAF process, we will provide the clients with cost-effective solution as per their demand.

Key Projects


  • Indonesia PT.KP coke plant

    Indonesia PT.KP coke plant

    ◆ Capacity: 1,320,000 T/Y
    ◆ Chamber Height: 7.6 M
    ◆ Location: Cilegon, Indonesia
    ◆ Period: Jul. 2011 ~ Dec. 2013
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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  • Korea POSCO Pohang coke plant (Stage 4)

    Korea POSCO Pohang coke plant (Stage 4)

    The traditional wet coke quenching system had been used in stage 5 coke plant. CDQ(Coke Dry Quenching) was adopted instead of existing wet quenching system. CDQ improved the energy recovery and the quality of coke for blast furnace which has been aiming at high productivity.

    ◆ Project period: Dec. 2003 ~ Aug. 2005
    ◆ Turbine Generator: 29.7 MW
    ◆ Waste gas Boiler: 105 T/H
    ◆ Bucket Crane: 67.5 Ton
    ◆ Deminerlized water facility: 65 T/H
    ◆ Cooling Water System: 1,400N m²/H * 6sets
    ◆ Dedusting unit: 1,520 N m³ /min

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  • Korea POSCO Pohang coke plant (stage 5)

    Korea POSCO Pohang coke plant (stage 5)

    A new 5A coke oven battery was planned to meet the demand for the improvement of productivity in blast furnace. 5A battery was located next to existing 5B battery and its coke productivity is the same as 5B battery.

    ◆ Project period: Sep. 2005 ~ Nov. 2007
    - Coke Oven Battery 1set (75 Ovens)
    - Gas Refinery Plant
    - P.G.C 22,000 N m³/Hr 1set
    - COG Blower 60,000 N m³/Hr 1set

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