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Steel Making


Steel Making Process - The process of making steel by removing the impurities from hot metal.

Hot metal produced from a blast furnace is high in carbon and contains impurities such as phosphorous and sulfur.
To prevent red shortness, however, it is necessary to remove sulfur from this hot metal through the KR (Kanvara Reactor).

The hot metal whose sulfur has been removed to a certain degree is put into a converter. Scrap metal and hot metal are put into the converter together and then the converter is fed with pure oxygen (99.5% or above). Through this process, phosphorous is filtered to prevent blue shortness or carbon is filtered to reduce brittleness.

Then, in the Ruhrstahl Heraeus (RH) process, which is the secondary refining process, gases (hydrogen and nitrogen) are removed from liquid steel through a vacuum and the removal of inclusions and the heating process are made through the LF (Ladle Furnace).

The clean hot metal whose impurities have been removed through this process is called 'liquid steel'.

We have successfully performed the design, supply, installation and commissioning of all the coverter facilities in the POSCO Pohang and Gwangyang steelworks, and also have experience in successful overseas projects, including in Indonesia.

Key Projects


  • Indonesia PT.KP BOF

    Indonesia PT.KP BOF

    ◆ Capacity: 300 TON/CH
    ◆ Location: Cilegon, Indonesia
    ◆ Period: 2011.03 ~ 2013.12
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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  • Korea POSCO Pohang New Steel Making Plant BOF

    Korea POSCO Pohang New Steel Making Plant BOF

    ◆ Capacity: 330 TON/CH (KR(2), BOF(2), RH(1), LF(2))
    ◆ Location: Pohang, Korea
    ◆ Period: Dec.2007 ~ Mar 2011
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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  • Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.4 HRM RH / LF

    Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.4 HRM RH / LF

    ◆ Project period: Dec.1995 ~ Sep.1997
    ◆ Production capacity: 2.25 million tons/year

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  • Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.2

    Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.2

    The project that 1set of De-P and 3 sets of De-S facilities to establish the production system of strategy product.

    ◆ Project period: Jun. 2006 ~ Dec. 2007
    ◆ Production capacity: 4.5 million tons/year

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  • Korea POSCO Changwon

    Korea POSCO Changwon

    ◆ Capacity: 447,000 T/Y
    ◆ Location: Changwon, Korea
    ◆ Period: Jun. 2010 ~ Mar 2013
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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