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New Technologies


The FINEX process is used to produce hot metal directly from iron ore and coal powder, which are cheap, without separate processing. As it does not require the preliminary processing of iron ore and coal, the FINEX process can reduce capital investment. It is an innovative eco-friendly steel making process that does not produce the pollutants that are usually generated in the process of preliminary processing.

Through joint technology development with POSCO, POSCO E&C built a demonstration plant (1FINEX) and commercialized plants (2FINEX and 3FINEX). POSCO E&C is the world's only company to have built FINEX plants.

Key Projects


  • FINEX (No.1), Pohang steelworks

    FINEX (No.1), Pohang steelworks

    The capacity of plant is 2.91 million tons of hot metal in annual. And the cooling method of stave type and the high efficiency refractories had been applied to ensure the lifetime of furnace shell as 20 years and more.

    ◆ Project period: Jan. 2004 ~ Apr. 2007
    ◆ Production capacity: 1.5 million tons/year

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