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POSCO E&C has abundant experience in national development projects including roads, the core route to national development, as well as bridges and tunnels. POSCO E&C has contributed to the balanced development of the national landscape through the wide array of projects it has undertaken, such as the Incheon International Airport Expressway, which was the first project to be completed by civil funds in Korea, the Jungbu Inland Expressway and the Daegu-Pohang Expressway.

POSCO E&C has demonstrated our expertise in the construction of special long-span bridges of over 200 meters in width by constructing the truss bridge section of the 7.42km-long Gwangan Bridge in Busan - the first successful application of the Jack-Up Down Technology in Korea.

Key Projects

  • Gwangan Bridge

    Gwangan Bridge

    ◆ Project period: Aug. 2003 ~ Jun. 2008

    <Construction sector III>
    - Utilized JACK UP-DOWN method
    ◆ Main structure:
    - ouble-layered truss bridge: 720m
    - Double-layered steel bridge: 80m
    - Steel bridge: 22,604 tons
    - Double-layered truss bridge: 720m
    - Bridge road pavement: 271ar

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  • Incheon International Airport Highway

    Incheon International Airport Highway

    ◆ Project period: Apr. 1996 ~ Sep. 2000

    <Construction sector III>
    ◆ Main structure:
    - Six-lane main road 5,473m
    - Branch line 1,493m
    - 9 bridges and 2 tunnels

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  • No.17 Highway [Seocheon-Gongju section]

    No.17 Highway [Seocheon-Gongju section]

    ◆ Project period: 2001 ~ Dec. 2009

    <Construction sector IV>
    ◆ Main structure:
    - Facility of four-lane expressway
    - Length: 10.244km
    - Bridges: 4 large bridges(1,175m), 9 small bridges(345m)
    - Ground work: 3,310,000㎥
    - Pyeonbuyeo IC, Buyeo Resting Center etc.

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  • No.27 Highway [Jeonju-Gwangyang section]

    No.27 Highway [Jeonju-Gwangyang section]

    ◆ Project period: March. 2005 ~ Dec. 2011

    <Construction sector VIII>
    ◆ Main structure:
    - Facility of four lane expressway
    - Length: 12.13km
    - Bridges: 6 large bridges (1,180m)
    8 small bridges (249m)
    Tunnels 4 tunnels (5,225m)
    ◆ Main structure:
    - Ground work: Mounding (4.02 million m3)
    Cutting (3.45 million m3)
    -Namwon JCT, North Namwon IC etc.

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