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Urban Development


POSCO E&C is recognized as an international leader in urban development thanks to our rich experience in large-scale PF projects and new city development projects.
We work in conjunction with Gale International in the U.S. to develop Songdo International Business District, which will become a new economic gateway to Northeast Asia. POSCO E&C maximizes added value through environmentally friendly urban development that provides multiple functions, as typified by high-rise buildings and notably including the Business Innovation City in Chungju, Isiapolis, the first new town in Daegu, and Dongtan Metapolis.

Furthermore, POSCO E&C has been expanding our construction businesses to overseas markets, having commenced work on the complex urban area Splendora in Vietnam. What's particularly significant about the project for designing the master plan for the Hanoi project in Vietnam is that, through it, we succeeded in exporting our capability in new town development to an overseas market.

Key Projects

  • Songdo IBD

    Songdo IBD

    ◆ Project Period: 2003 ~ 2020
    ◆ Area: 5,720,000㎡
    Songdo International Business District (IBD) will play a pivotal role in the New Songdo International City, which is the nation’s first free economic zone and eco-friendly green city. It is a future city integrating state-of-the-art IT and eco-friendly technologies, and a project aimed to turn it into the business hub of Northeast Asia.

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  • Daegu Esiapolis

    Daegu Esiapolis

    ◆ Project Period: 2006 ~ 2015
    ◆ Area: 1,177,000㎡
    Daegu’s first self-supporting new town, consisting of an industrial complex focusing on fashion and high-technology industry, a commercial complex focusing on art and culture, and eco-friendly & luxurious housing area.

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  • Hanoi Metropolitan City Master Plan, Vietnam

    Hanoi Metropolitan City Master Plan, Vietnam

    ◆ Project Period: 2008 ~ 2030
    ◆ Area: 3,344.6㎡
    An urban development planning project to turn Hanoi into an international city worth of that title as the center of Vietnam’s political, economic and cultural scene. The project expands Vietnam’s eternal capital Hanoi to more than three times its current size.

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  • Vietnam Splendora

    Vietnam Splendora

    ◆ Project Period: 2006 ~ 2020
    ◆ Area: 2,640,000㎡
    Vietnam’s first self-supporting new town, carried forward with VINACONEX, Vietnam’s state-operated construction company.

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