Group Management Philosophy

Corporate Citizenship :
Building a Better Future Together

Group Vision

같이짓는 가치 Build Value Together


Corporate Citizenship Slogan

같이짓는 가치 Build Value Together

Management Strategy

  • Expansion of Eco-Friendly Growth Business Steel material, hydrogen, secondary battery,
    data center, water treatment, modular
  • Reinforcement of Developing Capacity Private development business
    and public business with private investment
  • Leading the Premium Housing Culture Reinforcing brand power
    by impressing clients
  • Enhancement of Fundamental Competitiveness Building a successful system for carrying out
    project bridging regions/products

Core Values

  • Safety Practicing “safe management”
    by considering the safety as the utmost value
  • Trust and Communication Building project-oriented organizational culture
    by strengthening the “field management”
  • Innovation and Growth Advancement of “people-technology-system"-based
    business management system

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