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Taking the initiative in the improvement of quality of life and economic growth, we are leading changes towards a better world.

POSCO E&C takes the lead in connecting between people and the world.

POSCO E&C has promoted balanced development of the national land through the implementation of a series of large-scale infrastructure projects. Through this experience, we are contributing to the development of countries across the world by building infrastructure that serves as a foundation for industrial activities, such as roads, railways, ports, and bridges.

POSCO E&C is focusing its competencies on eco-friendly projects in order to ensure ESG management. We are providing environmental solutions by actively participating in not only the construction of sewage and wastewater treatment, waste-to-energy, and desalination facilities, but also O&M projects. In addition, we are expanding our business to the fields of eco-friendly energy, such as hydroelectric power generation.

Infrastructure Essentials

  • 매출액
    799 2020 Sales/billion KRW
  • 총 누적 실적
    6,277 2020 Order backlog/billion KRW
  • 연관 지식재산권 보유
    392 Total cumulative track records
플랜트 사업
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POSCO E&C has extensive experience in national development projects, such as the construction of roads, bridges, and tunnels that are the core elements of national development.

View All Railways·Subways

POSCO E&C is winning recognition for the advanced engineering technologies through successful completion of projects to build railways in numerous countries.

View All Offshore

POSCO E&C is implementing port and site development projects with a focus on eco-friendly and human-centered design and construction to ensure enriched and convenient living.

View All Water Environment

POSCO E&C takes the initiative in developing desalinization technology, which guarantees stable water supply through the production of industrial, farming, and residential water by removing salt dissolved in seawater.

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