Waste Thermal Treatment Plant in Krakow

Obtained green energy certification from Polish government for the largest domestic waste incineration facility in Poland

The Water Thermal Treatment Plant in Krakow is the largest-scale domestic waste incineration facility in Poland. It handles 220,000 tons of domestic wastes a year, taking in charge for electric power generation and local heating supply. 

Through field management according to the strict European environmental criteria, POSCO E&C won certification as a “zero-defect and zero-accident” site. 

Enhancing the status of Korea’s construction technological power, we also raised expectations for entry to the Eastern European environmental market. With POSCO E&C’s completion of the project to build a largest-scale domestic waste incineration facility in Poland, Krakow can environmentally incinerate and treat 220,000 tons of domestic wastes generated each year.

It can also generate 11 MWh of electric power using the incineration heat and supply local heating by 35 MWh. The ash remaining after incineration can be recycled to a material for road construction following a sorting process. 

With the power plant completion, the burden on Krakow posed by the EU’s demand for landfill waste reduction has been lowered. The city can also sell the electric power generated from the plant at a higher price as it obtained the Green Energy certification from the Polish government. In October 2012, POSCO E&C won the contract for the power plant construction in Krakow by winning in competition against CNIM of France, KEPPEL of Belgium, and Hitachi of Japan, the companies holding advanced technologies in incineration plants. 

Through this accomplishment, we expanded Korea’s construction territory up a notch. Through the construction period of three years and six months, POSCO E&C thoroughly managed the site according to Poland’s strict environmental criteria. As a result, we successfully passed the inspections conducted by Krakow’s labor office and a local environmental protection bureau, winning recognition as a zero-defect and zero-accident site.

  • Period
    2012.10 - 2016.06
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    K.H.K (Krakowski Holding Komunaly S.A)
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    220,000 tons/year (340 tons/year × 2 series), Power generation volume: 10.7 Mwh
  • Location
    Krakow, Poland

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