Inquiries on Employment

If you have any inquiries on our employment, please refer to the “FAQs” first. Contact us via “Ask a Question” for further inquiries.

What are the qualifications to be hired by your company?

There is no restriction based on your level of education, gender, age, or major. You should have no reason for disqualification from overseas travel. However, if what is written on your application form is different from fact or is unable to be proven, your acceptance or employment may be canceled.​

How do I apply?

We accept your application form only online on our employment website(​

I see a message that I can’t apply because I have applied before. What should I do?​

If you have applied to POSCO E&C or other POSCO affiliates before, you can apply anew by using another e-mail address.

I submitted my application form but I want to revise it. Is there any way to do so?

If you want to revise your application form before deadline, contact us at or via Career Talk. We will help you out.​

I failed to be hired last time and I am planning to apply again. Would there be any disadvantages in this case?​

You don’t have to be afraid. We don’t filter or give disadvantages to those who reapply.​

If I get hired, where do I work?​

As an EPC company, we have new technical employees placed in domestic or overseas sites for their first assignment(accomodations provided), while new office employees (except FA site managers) receive on-the-job training on sites for one month before being assigned to work at the head office​.

Is master's degree or doctor’s degree acknowledged as career?​

In case where the degree is relevant to the job position, it is acknowledged as career (master's degree: 2 years of experience; doctor's degree: 4 years of experience).

What is mostly evaluated during the document screening process?

In the document screening process, applicant's values, job competency, and global competency through resume and self-introduction are comprehensively judged based on the applicant's diverse experiences, in addition to quantitative factors such as grades and language proficiency.​

How do I take the AI Competency Test and Personality Test?​

Both the AI Competency Test (for new employees) and Personality Test (experienced employees) are taken individually within a set period online. Applicants who have passed the document screening will be notified by e-mail regarding the application method and precautions.​

How do I submit evidential documents?

Certificates, transcripts, graduation certificates, etc. that are written in the application form should be printed out and submitted when you attend the final interview.​

How do I check the pass/fail result for each screening?

Recruitment screening results will be notified to both successful and unsuccessful applicants via e-mail written on the application form and the recruitment website, and successful applicants will be notified of the next screening schedule by e-mail.​

Personal Information Collection and Use Consent

1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

POSCO E&C collects personal information to the minimum extent necessary to answer and guide customers' inquiries.

2. Items of personal information to be collected
  • Required: Name, e-mail, title, content
  • Collection method: Directly entered by the customer on the website
3. Processing personal information and its retention period

After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, POSCO E&C destroys the information without delay.
However, the following information is retained for a specified period for the following reasons.

  • Preserved items: Name, e-mail, title, content
  • Preservation grounds: Records on handling consumer complaints or disputes (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
  • Retention period: 3 years
4. Notice for dissenters

You may disagree with the provision of personal information. However, if it is the case, you cannot enter the contents on the bulletin board, and thus, your complaints cannot be handled.

'*' is a required entry
E-mail* @

Personal Data Processing Policy Legal Disclaimer

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