• ECO &

    Going green for next generation

  • Special Story 1

    Eco & Challenge
    We are POSCO E&C

  • Special Story 2

    Innovating Corporate Citizenship Together ​
    Building a Better Future Together

  • Special Story 3

    Safety First
    Smart Safety Solution

  • Special Story 4

    Smart Construction led with innovative technology​

  • Special Story 5

    Carbon Neutrality to preserve for the future

  • Special Story 6

    Enhance your nobility
    Prestigious homes, The Sharp​

  • Eco & Challenge
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Safety First
  • Smart Construction
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • The Sharp

Our Business

  • Solid foundation for industrial development


  • Gorgeous connection for more convenient world


  • Comfortable environment, Refined design

    Building Works

Our Projects​

Our Technology

  • Developing low-carbon, eco-friendly plant technology together with future generations

    We make people's lives more abundant with green steel and eco-friendly energy plant technology and leap into realizing the philosophy of symbiosis between nature and mankind.

  • Infrastructure technology that paints the future history of land development

    Based on the technology of constructing cutting-edge infrastructure, such as deep subterranean railway and special bridges, we lead the development of our lands and innovation of infrastructure.

  • Technology that realizes an architectural work's fundamental values and challenging the limits

    Through people-oriented design, zero energy, and future architectural technology, we build landmarks and lead technological innovation that raises the value of life.

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