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Building a Better Future Together

Five Major Brands of Corporate Citizen

POSCO Group developed the Five Major Brands of Corporate Citizen to win the stakeholders’ understanding about its activities as a corporate citizen. The group discovers and fulfills its corporate responsibility to take part in resolving the imminent social issues and thus create a better society in an effort to become a company admired and trusted by the people.

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  • Shared growth

    Benefit-sharing and support for SMEs
    Together With POSCO
  • Challenge With POSCO

    Venture fostering

    Creation of an ecosystem for venture fostering and support for startups
    Challenge With POSCO
  • Carbon-neutral

    Climate action, environmental protection, and changes in employee awareness and behavior
    Green With POSCO
  • Life With POSCO


    Proposal of solutions for the low birthrate and developing future generations
    Life With POSCO
  • Coexistence with local communities

    Cooperation with local communities and civic participation
    Community With POSCO

Together With POSCO

POSCO E&C Technological Cooperation Contest to promote ESG and resolve needs in the field

POSCO E&C discovers excellent ideas from its subcontractors by holding annual technological cooperation contests to promote ESG and resolve needs in the field. The proposed ideas are applied to the field through joint technological development and patent application so as to share benefits with our subcontractors.

Together With POSCO
Together With POSCO

Expansion of the mutually-benefiting advanced IPD projects

POSCO E&C promotes industrial plant construction projects under an integrated project delivery (IPD) system as the first in Korea’s construction industry. IPD is an advanced project implementation system. Under this system, the client, engineering company, contractor, and subcontractors cooperate as one team in an open book format from the project planning stage. It helps derive the optimal construction technique, cost, and period and mutually share the benefits and risks associated with the project.

Together With POSCO

Challenge With POSCO

POSCO E&C operates a shared growth system to encourage the self-reliance of employees with creativity and challenging spirit to take on new challenges through the in-house venture programs.

No. 1 in-house venture, POSREGEN

Premium eco-friendly cement made with steelmaking byproducts, Korea’s first ferronickel slag

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Eco Life Challenge, a voluntary campaign for the 2050 Carbon Negative

  • Campaign 01

    Disposable-free Building

  • Campaign 02

    Distribution of eco-friendly work uniform using waste plastic materials in Korea

  • Campaign 03

    Building Run-up Race

  • Campaign 04

    Donation of used items

  • Campaign 05

    Purchasing eco-friendly CNG commuter buses

Life with POSCO

First Korean contractor to offer a KOICA IBS-certified construction worker training program for youths living near overseas sites

POSCO E&C creates job positions for youths and supports the independent foundations of domestic youths by offering career empowerment. ‘Bangladesh Matarbari Youth Training for the Construction Craftsmen’ which is selected as KOICA Inclusive Business Solution is planning to provide online education to 500 people and hire 300 people on-site until 2022.

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Together With POSCO

POSCO E&C Construction Academy to provide job mentoring to middle school students

POSCO E&C staff and student volunteers have operated a ‘Construction Education Academy’ to train the construction, plant, civil engineering fields targeting 13,000 people since 2016. The program provided not only basic knowledge but also an opportunity to share vigorous experiences of current employees as they visit the middle schools.

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Community With POSCO

POSCO E&C with Mullae-dong
“Steel Art Contest” in Mullae-dong

This project is aimed at supporting small ironworkers experiencing difficulties as a result of a decrease in demand and gentrification and discovering and developing new artists in Mullae-dong, which was once the center of steel production in the metropolitan area. Steel art designs submitted by university students nationwide are manufactured through collaboration with the ironworkers, awarded, and exhibited at THE SHARP Gallery in Seoul and THE SHARP apartments.

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POSCO E&C and Animals
Feral cat shelter project

Through partnerships with the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA), POSCO A&C, local governments, and volunteering citizens, POSCO E&C manufactures and distributes cat shelters made of steel to replace the existing shelters with poor durability and hygiene control. With this project, we are creating a culture of coexistence between animals and humans by supporting the local governments’ TNR (trap-neuter-release) project, resolving conflicts in local communities, and improving the street scenery. We also engage in animal rescue activities in redevelopment areas.

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POSCO E&C and Artists
The “MISO” project

POSCO E&C’s MISO project is aimed at converting the fences of project sites into a piece of art. By exhibiting the works of artists with disabilities (mouth and foot painting artists), the prizewinning works from the painting contest (co-hosted by POSCO E&C) of a nearby elementary school, the safety posters for foreign workers, and other artworks created under various themes, including urban forest, we are contributing to improving the urban scenery and rebranding the construction sites as citizen-friendly sites.

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