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Construction Technology of the Future,
the Era of Smart Construction.

The construction industry is shifting toward “smart construction” that applies digital transformation in construction methods to resolve the issues of the demand for cost reduction, shortage of construction engineers, and insufficient competency for handling projects.

POSCO E&C Smart Construction

Surreal Cutting-edge Technologies in Construction Sites.

High-precision and 3D analysis of project sites

Project sites are analyzed in 3D-space with high precision using drones and 3D scanners.

Optimal design

We provide an optimal design through Big Room and building information modeling (BIM).

Virtual construction

We make construction plans, including plans for temporary structures and equipment arrangement, in 3D formats.

Automated construction management

We utilize automated technologies for construction equipment and walking robots.

Completion and efficient operation

We provide practical and efficient methods for operation, repair, and maintenance through digital twin.

Smart Construction Strategy

New Business Value Generation and Enhancing Competitiveness

POSCO E&C broadly applies building information modeling (BIM), Smart Tools, prefabrication, and smart workflow, from design to construction for carrying out projects. Our “Smart Construction Group” standardizes work processes that focus on data and artificial intelligence (AI) associated with digital transformation. We intend to have in-house capabilities to the extent of company by adoting new technologies and training employees.

Innovative Technologies of POSCO E&C.

  • Pre-construction Pre-construction is one of the ways to manage a project. It gathers all companies that take part in the project in the Big Room to eliminate design errors and optimize costs, time, and quality through a systematic and advanced system.
  • Prefabrication Prefabrication is the practice of manufacturing construction components in factories or a separate location and assembling them on-site. This method further enhances site productivity.
  • BIM-based virtual construction This is a method of optimizing construction processes and costs through plans for temporary structures, equipment arrangement, process review, and safety risk review. It uses a BIM-based virtual construction before the actual construction kicks off.
  • Digital construction management This web-based digital system for managing sites immediately processes and uploads highly precise data collected through drones or 3D scanners through cloud app. The data can be retrieved and used at all times using mobile devices or tablet PCs.
  • Automation of construction equipment Construction equipment is linked with GPS and Internet of Things (IoT) for automated equipment control. This is a non-intrusive technology that also links with a ground penetrating radar (GPR) to enable automatic surveying of underground utilities.
  • Smart Safety This technology controls site safety in real-time by monitoring gas levels in enclosed spaces, identifying workers’ locations, controlling hazardous substance storages, analyzing intelligent CCTV footages, and controlling drone safety.
#Posco E&C TV
Smart Safety Solution

Safer Sites with Intelligent IoT!

The smart safety solutions of POSCO E&C apply IoT-based technologies to identify risk factors in real-time and take appropriate safety measures.
(* Received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award (1st Place) for the 2020 Smart Construction Tech & Safety Contest)

  • 01Face recognition system

  • 02Smart bulletin board system

  • 03Vehicle management system

  • 04TTS & smart video system

  • 05Smart work management system - Management of structure openings

  • 06Smart work management system - Mobile broadcasting & CCTV control

  • 07Smart work management system - Safety management for hoists

  • 08Smart work management system - Integrated site management

  • 09Gas leakage detector system for enclosed spaces

  • 10Intrusion prevention system

  • 11On-site management system using drones

  • 12Smart safety harness

The Smart Construction Group of POSCO E&C R&D Center

The Future of “Smart Construction”
Seen from the Big Room

“Smart Construction maximizes customer satisfaction”

스마트컨스트럭션 그룹 이희영 그룹장

The construction industry requires an urgent response, on rapid changes in society and the environment, such as increasing risks in bidding, and executing projects, low productivity, dependency on older and foreign workers, and legal restrictions. In this regard, POSCO E&C actively engages in developing smart construction technologies, including building information modeling (BIM), pre-construction, prefabrication, and smart safety. Through quick adoption of efficient technologies, we intend to pursue sustainable growth that maximizes the value of customer satisfaction.

Lee Hee-young, head of Smart Construction Group

“Smart construction leads to change and innovation”

POSCO E&C achieved abundant success by applying smart construction technologies that utilize building information modeling (BIM), pre-construction, prefabrication, and Smart Tools in many of our projects. Now, we aim to go beyond simply creating smart construction technologies. We will develop the existing technologies that will lead to change and innovation in the way we work.

Jeon Jin-taek, section leader of Smart Construction Group
스마트컨스트럭션 그룹 전진택 섹션리더

POSCO E&C leads new value creation
and construction innovation.

포스코케미칼 세종 음극재 2공장 1,2 단계

Korea’s First Innovation in the Industrial Plant IPD Method, POSCO CHEMICAL Cathode Materials Plant 2 (Sejong) Phase 1 and 2

The POSCO CHEMICAL Cathode Materials Plant 2 in Sejong is the nation’s first project to use an Integrated project delivery(IPD) method for an industrial plant. The plant applied with smart construction proved that the innovative IPD method can enhance the owner’s value and maximize the contractor’s profits, as well as strengthen contractor’s competitiveness in technology and construction management in the long term.

Phase 1: Apr. 2018 - Nov. 2019 / Phase 2: Dec. 2019 - Aug. 2022 (ongoing) View More​
  • 원가절감 10억

    Cost reduction of KRW 1 billion

    • IPD Improvement in project profitability by securing a fixed return through a cost-plus fee with GMP contract; budget reduction of the ordering party through open book policy of construction costs
    • Pre-Con Early involvement of subcontractors for cooperation and cost saving through alternative design/value engineering construction scheduling through pull planning.
  • 공기단축 3개월, Captive Project 재수주

    3-month reduction of construction time; repeated order of the Captive Project

    • BIM Prevention of re-work by early interference check
    • Pre-fab Prefabrication of pipe racks for furnaces and automated storages

BIM Applied in All Railway Sections for the First Time in the Country Private Investment Project for the Sinansan Double-track Railway

The Sinansan double-track railway project is a massive deep underground construction project that connects Ansan to Siheung to Gwangmyeong to Yeouido with 15 stations. The total length of the railway is 44.7 kilometers. Building information modeling (BIM) was applied in all railway sections and construction types for the first time in the country. The interfaces and interference with existing structures between construction work have been revised in the initial phase and reflected in the design phase. Smart shaft management technology is also applied for constructing shafts that enable the passage between tunnels for precise work.

Apr. 2020 - Apr. 2025 View More​
신안산선 복선전철 민간투자사업
  • 원가절감 10억

    Prevention of re-work by identifying 5,600 design errors in advance

    • BIM Conversion of construction documents to 3D BIM for preliminary review of each station design
  • 공기단축 3개월, Captive Project 재수주

    Removal of risks through preliminary review of construction plans

    • Virtual construction Securing stability by utilizing virtual construction for complicated construction areas Establishment of construction plans through visualization of optimal equipment arrangement and revision of operation plans by phase
    • Smart Tool Implementation of the present state of existing structures using drones and 3D scanners
포항 인큐베이팅 센터 'Change Up Ground'

POSCO’s Steel and POSCO E&C’s Proprietary Smart Construction
Pohang Incubation Center “Change Up Ground”

“Change Up Ground”, a business incubation center in Pohang, is a prefabrication building made with POSCO’s steel with new technology applied and POSCO E&C’s proprietary smart construction technology. We particularly utilized the pre-construction and BIM methods, providing customers with highly reliable quality. Furthermore, we proved our differentiated and advanced eco-friendly technological competitiveness that will achieve sustainable growth in the long term.

Feb. 2022 - Jun. 2021 View More
  • 원가절감 10억

    Cost reduction

    • Pre-Con Revision of constructability through the participation of subcontractors in the Big Room; proposal of value engineering and case identification of additional cost reduction
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    221 cases of corrected design errors

    • BIM re-work prevention of projecting parts of steel frames by reviewing design consistency based on special structure BIM for inverted pyramid-type steel structures
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    Improvement of accuracy and reliability of construction plans

    • Virtual construction Proposal and confirmation of alternatives by reviewing the construction order that reflects the work technique of each construction type
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    Expansion of the prefabrication of steel materials

    • Prefabrication and panelization Pre-verification of installable module design and constructability with BIM-based digital mock-up technology for installing the country’s longest PosMAC steel panel
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    30% increase in production efficiency and on-site installation

    • Smart Logics Prefabrication of external panels (7,712 sheets) and utilization of the logistics management system

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