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In the center of human-oriented technology is POSCO E&C.

We work at the cutting-edge of advanced architectural technology to proactively respond to changes in the technological environment.

We rethink what's possible with architecture by creating core building technologies. That's how POSCO E&C is changing the architectural map of humankind.

  1. 01. Urban Planning

    Recognized as the Leader in Urban Planning

    Urban planning is a large-scale total development business and the core of total construction that involves conducting a feasibility study, as well as comprehensive planning, financing, design, construction, CM, PM and package management of building, civil works, environment and plant projects, including various buildings, roads, bridges, railways and power plants.

    POSCO E&C has secured the top position in this area in Korea by participating in various projects and working on a continuous basis to conduct R&D activities. We are internationally recognized for our planning capability. We are currently involved in various projects in Korea, including the Songdo International Business District project, Cheongna International City project, and Dongtan Metapolis project. When it comes to international markets, we are steadily raising our reputation as a Korean leader in urban planning, most notably through establishing a master plan for a new city in Vietnam.

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  2. 02. Wind-induced Vibration Control Technology

    Successful Application of the Nation's First and Largest Wind-induced Vibration Controller

    Skyscrapers, which are a mainstay of modern architecture, are designed around an efficient structure using cutting-edge technology and materials. However, they face the issue of usability due to wind-induced vibration caused by a reduction in structural mass and low abatement performance. To solve this problem, POSCO E&C specially developed a cutting-edge wind-induced vibration controller.

    The wind-induced controller is a device that generates an opposing force against the direction of vibration induced by the wind. Indeed, the controller can reduce wind-induced vibration by 30-40%. We have developed a state-of-the-art wind-induced vibration controller and applied it to various skyscrapers, including Songdo First World.

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  3. 03. High Performance Concrete Technology

    The Technology Indispensable for Construction of Skyscrapers

    The high performance concrete technology is essential to the construction of stunning skyscrapers that embody the hopes and irrepressible desire of humankind to go upward. High performance concrete is a core technology that reduces construction costs and increases the effective service life of structures. POSCO E&C developed the nation's first 80MPa high performance concrete that features easy squeeze pumping for high-rise buildings and efficient quality control on site. We applied this technology to the site of the Songdo First World residential project, a major Korean real estate development. Furthermore, through differentiated high performance concrete technology, we are increasing our corporate standing through our global top-tier architectural technology.

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  4. 04. Core Coupling Beam (CCB)

    Another Innovation for Skyscrapers

    Unlike mid-rise and low-rise buildings, skyscrapers are susceptible to lateral loads induced by the wind or an earthquake, and thus require a core, the key element of high-rise structures. A core is that part that encloses the elevators or staircases in a skyscraper and supports the building's parts susceptible to a lateral load. The Core Coupling Beam (CCB) technology is associated with a beam that connects the opening of the core, making construction easier. POSCO E&C developed the method for designing the CCB with excellent earthquake and wind resistance performance, and is moving toward another breakthrough by applying this technology to skyscrapers.

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  1. 05. Flat Plate Structure System

    Technology Leading Future Residential Technology

    The flat plate structural system uses pillars to support slabs without the use of beams. As it is advantageous to residential structures in terms of buildability, economic feasibility and space application, it is frequently used in the construction of apartment housing in many developed countries.

    This technology has been increasingly used in recent years in construction work in areas prone to seismic shocks thanks to the improvement of the joint design method, the development of shear reinforcement systems, and the introduction and application of post-tension method. POSCO E&C developed our own flat plate structural system to once again secure a vital competitive edge in residential technologies.

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  2. 06. Energy Saving Technology

    Analytic and Assessment Technology for Reducing Energy Use of Buildings

    Climate change is forcing countries to drastically reduce energy consumption. Construction in developed countries typically uses greater energy consumption, with the result that such countries have invested significantly in energy reduction technologies. This has also spawned the design of buildings that feature new and renewable energy, such as solar energy. For low-energy building design technology, POSCO E&C has not only applied new and renewable energy resources, such as solar, to reduce energy consumption, but we have also developed various design alternatives, such as high efficiency insulation materials and high performance windows and doors that we apply to the design of buildings.

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  3. 07. PFB(POSCO E&C Fire Board)

    Technology That Enabled Safe High Strength Concrete

    High strength concrete with excellent economic feasibility and buildability is a core technology for the construction of skyscrapers.

    However, high strength concrete is susceptible to fire. High temperatures cause high strength concrete to break when the vapors inside it become discharged. To address this weakness, we have developed the PFB (POSCO E&C Fire Board) method, which is the world's best fireproof technology. The PFB method prevents the explosive fractures that may otherwise occur in a fire to keep concrete fireproof for over 3 hours. This method is a finishing method that can be conveniently applied to new and remodeling projects. POSCO E&C is currently working to apply the PFB method to skyscrapers.

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  4. 08. Construction Period Shortening Technology

    Core Competitiveness in Construction Technology

    Construction work is largely divided into civil and foundation work, structural frame work, and finishing work, with structural frame work alone representing 50-60% of the entire process. The construction period shortening technology works to effectively shorten the time taken for structural frame work and has risen in popularity to become a core technology used to reduce the construction period. POSCO E&C continues to strive to implement an optimal framework cycle that ensures cost competitiveness while complying with strict domestic and foreign regulations and specifications. Our efforts to this end have spurred us to upgrade our construction period shortening technology by improving construction methods and materials, including through implementing 3.5 day cycle per level in the structural frame work of high-rise apartment projects.

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