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Iron Making


A lime calcination facility is used to make calcium oxide (CaO) by calcining limestone (CaCO3) from a mine. Calcium oxide is added to the hot metal that underwent the iron making process with impurities eliminated to improve the quality of the hot metal. In addition, calcium oxide is also used as a pyrogen in the production of sintered ore thanks to its high calorific value.

We have competitiveness and knowhow in the construction of lime calcining facilities. With such proven technology capability, we have successfully performed the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of lime calcining facilities.

Key Projects

  • Korea POSCO FINEX lime calcination facility

    Korea POSCO FINEX lime calcination facility

    This project successfully built new facilities capable of annual 100,000 tons of CaO, addressing the shortage problem and responding to the plan to build new FINEX plant and boost production of crude steel in the mid and long term.
    ◆ Project period: Sep. 2005 ~ Sep. 2006
    ◆ Production capacity: 103,500 tons/year
    ◆ Operation ratio: 94.50%

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  • Korea POSCO Pohang No. 1 & 2 lime calcination facility revamping

    Korea POSCO Pohang No. 1 & 2 lime calcination facility revamping

    A project to replace aged calcination furnaces I & II and the auxiliary systems, and to integrate the operation room for the purpose of achieving a good balance between the supply and consumption of lime in accordance with medium and long term investment plans covering the construction of No.3 stainless steel plant at Pohang Steelworks.

    ◆ Project period: Sep. 2001 ~ Jul. 2004
    ◆ Type of Kiln: Fine Lime Shaft Kiln 300T/D × 2 Lot
    ◆ Capacity: 207,000 Tons/Year
    ◆ Grain Size:10mm ~ 40mm or 40mm ~ 80mm
    ◆ Operation Ratio: 94.50%

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