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Iron Making


The raw material handling facility is used to receive raw materials, such as iron ore, coal and limestone, which were produced from mines and transported through ships or railways, and crush, sort and mix them in a way to suit the purpose required by each plant. It subsequently stores or transports them.

This facility is applied to raw material feed systems for various facilities, including power plants, cement plants and resource recovery facilities, and in steelworks, it is applied to the process of receiving and storing or transporting fuel and raw materials to be used at blast furnaces, coke facilities, sinter plants, lime calcining facilities and steel making plants.

We built around 30 coal silos weighing 50,000-60,000 tons during the period between 2011 and 2014, and are currently involved in various projects, including the CSP steelworks project in Brazil.

We have experience in building raw material handling facilities in steelworks, and boasts excellent capabilities in building the raw material handling facilities required in various industries.

Key Projects


  • Gwangyang CTS Silo

    Gwangyang CTS Silo

    ◆ Project period: Apr. 2016 ~ Nov. 2017
    ◆ Storage Capacity: 50,000 ton, 4 Sets
    ◆ Location: Gwangyang, Republic of Korea
    ◆ Scope of Project: EPC

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  • Vietnam Formosa RMHS

    Vietnam Formosa RMHS

    ◆ Project period: Jan. 2013 ~ Fab. 2016
    ◆ Yard: ORE 6 Sets, Blending 2 Sets, Indoor Coal 2 Sets, etc
    ◆ Belt Conveyor: 208 lines, 46.5 km
    ◆ Blending Bin: 32 Sets
    ◆ Bag Filter: 6 Sets

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  • Brazil KOBRASCO pelletizing plant

    Brazil KOBRASCO pelletizing plant

    This project had planned to construct palletizing plant capable of 4 million T/Y by J/V business between POSCO and CVRD of Brazil on a fifty/fifty basis mainly to provide of pellet stably into newly installed 5th Blast Furnace in Gwangyang Steelworks. POSCO E&C fully participated in detailed drawings and equipment supply like Pellectizing Disc and etc.

    ◆ Project period: Feb. 1996 ~ Nov. 1998
    ◆ Location: Tubarao, Vitoria, ES state, Brazil
    ◆ Customer: CVRD
    ◆ Production capacity: 15,000 tons/day → 18,000 tons/day

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  • Korea POSCO FINEX raw material handling facility

    Korea POSCO FINEX raw material handling facility

    This RMHF(Raw Material Handling Facility) is to provide coke, iron ore and sub-materials into newly installed FINEX(1.5 millions T/Y) in Pohang Steelworks. It includes material yard, stacker/reclaimer, belt conveyor, crushing and screening equipments and etc.

    ◆ Project period: Oct. 2004 ~ Dec. 2006
    ◆ Yard: 400/720M * 4 SETS
    ◆ Belt Conveyor: 10 KM
    ◆ Stscker & Reclaimer: 8 SETS
    ◆ Crushing & Screeing Facility: 1 LOT
    ◆ Water Treatment facility: 1 LOT

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  • Brazil CSP Raw Material Handling Facility

    Brazil CSP Raw Material Handling Facility

    ◆ Project period: Dec. 2012 ~ Oct. 2015
    ◆ Yard: ORE 2 Sets, Indoor coal 3 Sets, Flux 1 Sets
    ◆ Belt Conveyor: 50 lines, 15.6 km
    ◆ Stacker & Reclaimer: 9 SETS
    ◆ Blending Bin: 1 Sets
    ◆ Bag Filter: 7 Sets

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