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Hot Rolling


Hot rolling is the process of making slabs made from a continuous casting plant into hot-rolled coils. Slabs are heated in a heating furnace to a temperature available for rolling, and rolled through the rolling process (roughing mill and finishing mill) to strips of the desired thickness and width. Standard strips are then cooled through a strip cooling process to an appropriate temperature, and made into coil-shaped products through a down coiler. These coil-shaped products are made into final products after going through the skin pass line or dividing line.

POSCO E&C has successfully performed the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of various hot rolling facilities in the Pohang(Korea) and Gwangyang(Korea) steelworks. More recently, we have proved our technology capability once again by successfully completing the EPC project for the Hot Rolling Plant No.4 of the Gwangyang steelworks in Korea.

Key Projects


  • Vietnam Formosa HRM

    Vietnam Formosa HRM

    ◆ Capacity: 5,300,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: HR Coil
    ◆ Location: Ha Tinh, Vietnam
    ◆ Period: Apr. 2013 ~ Dec. 2015
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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  • Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.4 HRM

    Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.4 HRM

    ◆ Capacity: 3,400,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: Slab for HR Coil
    ◆ Location: Gwangyang, Korea
    ◆ Period: Jun.2011 ~ Jun. 2014
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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  • China Zhangjjgang ZPSS HRM

    China Zhangjjgang ZPSS HRM

    ◆ Project period: May 2004 ~ Sep. 2006
    ◆ Location: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China
    ◆ Customer: ZPSS(Zhangjigang-Pohang Stainless Steel)
    ◆ Production capacity: 800,000 tons/year
    ◆ Scope of project: Engineering, facility supply, installation and test -run, supervision

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  • Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.1 HRM Revamping

    Korea POSCO Gwangyang No.1 HRM Revamping

    ◆ Project period: Jun. 1998 ~ Sep. 1999
    ◆ Production capacity: 4.8 million tons/year
    ◆ Scope of project: Facility supply and construction
    ◆ Main facilities: Reheating furnace, Finishing mill, Strip cooling system, Down coiler

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