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Cold Rolling/Process Line


The CCL (Color Coating Line), which provides high added value for investment, is one of the final lines of the cold rolling stream. The cold rolling stream applies various kinds of paints on the surface of cold-rolled plates and produces construction interior and exterior materials, such as sandwich panels, as well as home appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines.

We have a wealth of experience in the procurement, installation and commissioning of facilities at home and abroad, including in Saudi Arabia, China and Turkey, and have been recognized for excellence in our technologies.

Key Projects


  • Turkey Assan CCL

    Turkey Assan CCL

    ◆ Capacity: 120,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: PCM (Pre-Coated Metal)
    ◆ Location: Turkey
    ◆ Period: Dec. 2009 ~ May. 2013
    ◆ Work Scope: EP

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  • Saudi Arabai Al-Jubail CCL

    Saudi Arabai Al-Jubail CCL

    ◆ Capacity: 120,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: PCM (Pre-Coated Metal) for Home Appliance and Construction Material
    ◆ Location: Al-Jubail, KSA
    ◆ Completion: 2007
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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