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Cold Rolling/Process Line


The SPM (Skin Pass Mill) is an essential facility required to secure the quality of the form of final products by improving the mechanical properties of the product through the removal of stretcher strain. It provides an even surface roughness that is suitable for the purpose of the product. It adjusts luders strain and addresses various form defects from preceding processes.

Based on our own engineering technology that we have developed since the early 2000s, we have supplied various SPMs in the domestic and overseas plant markets by securing price and technology competitiveness. We are now recognized for our technology capability as shown by the way we promptly and flexibly respond to user demand.

Key Projects


  • Mexico Altamira No.2 SPM

    Mexico Altamira No.2 SPM

    ◆ Capacity: 500,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: Exterior Panel of High End Automobiles
    ◆ Location: Altamira, Mexico
    ◆ Period: Aug. 2011 ~ Dec. 2013
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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  • Turkey Assan SPM

    Turkey Assan SPM

    ◆ Capacity: APF - 200,000 T/Y, SPM - 150,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: Stainless steel
    ◆ Location: IZMIT, TURKEY
    ◆ Period: JAN. 2011 ~ AUG. 2013
    ◆ Work Scope: EP

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  • Korea POSCO Pohang No.2 SPM

    Korea POSCO Pohang No.2 SPM

    ◆ Capacity: 300,000 T/Y
    ◆ Product: Stainless 304, 430
    ◆ Location: Pohang, Korea
    ◆ Period: May. 2008 ~ Mar. 2010
    ◆ Work Scope: EPC

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