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New Energy


New energy sources are classified into three types: fuel cell, hydrogen energy and coal liquefied gas. POSCO E&C has been currently executing an EPC turn-key project for a fuel cell power plant.

A fuel cell operates on the premise that the opposite of the reaction that occurs between hydrogen and oxygen upon electrolyzing in water. Waste heat energy produced by power generation (as a result of reacting hydrogen collected from LNG with oxygen in the air) can be recovered and utilized for heating, and this has recently been recognized as a clean energy source with very high efficiency.

Key Projects

  • Yulchon Fuel Cell power plant

    Yulchon Fuel Cell power plant

    ◆ Customer: Meiya Yulchon Generation Co., Ltd .
    ◆ Completion: 2009
    ◆ Generation capacity: 4.8MW(2.4MW x 2 units)

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  • Fuel Cell power plant

    Fuel Cell power plant

    ◆ Customer: POSCO Power, POSCON
    ◆ Completion: 2008
    ◆ Generation capacity: 50MW

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