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Renewable Energy


There are 8 types of renewable energy: Wind power, PV (Photovoltaic), solar thermal, ocean (e.g., tidal, wave) power, small hydro power, geothermal, waste (e.g., RDF) and bio energy. POSCO E&C has been participating in various EPC-turnkey power plant projects utilizing renewable energy such as wind power, solar light, tidal power and RDF.

Wind Power: Located in a position to maximize wind velocity, terrestrial conditions and connection conditions, wind power plants generate and supply power by rotating the axis of the generator by rotating blades with natural wind energy.
Photovoltaic: Photovoltaic plants receive and generate a direct current by using photoelectric semiconductor devices that convert light energy into electric energy and supply an alternate current to systems through an inverter.
Tidal Power: Tidal power plants make use of the tidal force on the sea's surface to rotate waterwheels, and generate electric power from the rotational force.

RDF: RDF power plants generate electric power from compressed waste materials imbued with high energy potential, such as plastics, paper and waste woods generated from business sites or residences. Waste heat is recovered after power generation for heating purposes.
* RDF: Refuse Derived Fuel

Key Projects

  • Eunseong Solar power plant

    Eunseong Solar power plant

    ◆ Customer: Eunseong Solar Co.Ltd, Republic of Korea
    ◆ Completion: Oct. 2016 ~ Sep. 2018
    ◆ Type: Solar Power
    ◆ Generation capacity: 45MW x 1EA

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  • Pohang SRF Plant

    Pohang SRF Plant

    ◆ Customer: Pohang E&E, Republic of Korea
    ◆ Completion: Sep. 2018
    ◆ Type: WTE (Waste To Energy)
    ◆ Generation capacity: 12.1MW x 1EA

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  • Garolim Tidal power plant

    Garolim Tidal power plant

    ◆ Customer: Garolim Tidal power plant Co., Ltd
    ◆ Completion: 2013
    ◆ Generation capacity: 520MW(26MW x 20 units)

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  • Busan RDF power plant

    Busan RDF power plant

    ◆ Customer: Busan City
    ◆ Completion: 2013
    ◆ Generation capacity: 25MW

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  • Yeong-Am Solar power plant

    Yeong-Am Solar power plant

    ◆ Customer: Korea Solar Park
    ◆ Completion: 2008
    ◆ Generation capacity: 3MW

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  • Taegisan Wind power plant

    Taegisan Wind power plant

    ◆ Customer: Taegisan Wind Power Corporation
    ◆ Completion: 2008
    ◆ Generation capacity: 40MW(2MW x 20 units)

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