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Coal Chemical


Coal Chemical is a field where transforms coal into gas, liquid, solid fuel and a wide range of chemicals through thermal or chemical processing. There is a lot of interest in Coal Chemical industry due to the unbalance in supply and demand and rise in price of oil. Coal with a huge reserve in the world can replace oil in terms of energy and chemical feedstock.

POSCO E&C is performing the engineering, procurement and construction of 500,000 ton/yr of SNG plant in Gwangyang.

Key Projects

  • Needle Coke Plant

    Needle Coke Plant

    ◆ Client : PMC Tech Co., Ltd
    ◆ Location : Gwangyang, Korea
    ◆ Plant Capacity : 320,000 MTDY
    ◆ Construction Area : 226,080㎡
    ◆ Project Period : 2013.01 ~ 2014. 12 ( 24 months)
    ◆ Licensor : Mitsubishi Chemical/ Lummus (Delayed Coking)

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  • SNG plant

    SNG plant

    SNG (Synthetic or Substitute Natural Gas) can be used as a substitute fuel for LNG to diversify energy options helping to stabilize fuel prices. The main advantage of SNG is that SNG can be supplied to the users through the existing natural gas pipeline system. This plant is Korea’s first commercial plant using coal gasification technology, which has environmental benefits of low SOx and NOx. This clean coal technology also offers a further environmental advantages in addressing concerns over the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.
    ◆ Location: Gwangyang, South Korea
    ◆ Project period: Oct. 2009 ~ Dec. 2013
    ◆ Customer: POSCO
    ◆ Production capacity: 500,000 ton/yr
    ◆ Scope of project: EPC Turn-Key

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