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Refinery & Petrochemical


POSCO E&C has constructed and maintained a number of chemical plants for steelworks in international markets. We have expanded our businesses in the refinery and petrochemical sector based on our excellent engineering technology and knowhow in the chemical area. Going forward, POSCO E&C will continue to expand and manage our businesses all around the world for greater success in the refinery and petrochemical sector.

Key Projects

  • Vietnam LSP Tank Farm

    Vietnam LSP Tank Farm

    ◆ Project period: Sep. 2018 ~ Jun. 2022
    ◆ Scope: EPC Turnkey
    ◆ Composition: Tank 28EA, Jetty Topside, Interconnecting Pipeline

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  • Yeosu MDI

    Yeosu MDI

    ◆ Project period: Oct. 2015 ~ Nov. 2017
    ◆ Scope: EPC Turnkey
    ◆ Capacity: 240,000 ton/y → 340,000 ton/y Extension

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  • Thailand PTT Phenol

    Thailand PTT Phenol

    ◆ Project period: May. 2013 ~ Nov. 2017
    ◆ Scope: EPC Turnkey
    ◆ Capacity
    - 123,000 MTA (Acetone)
    - 250,000 MTA (Phenol)

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