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Mining Plant


Everyday life depends heavily on manufactured goods which require combination of extensive spectrum of minerals from the earth that we all stand on. Such mineral resources often located in remote locations and extreme environments, that makes mine developers to seek EPC contractor having deep understanding and expertise across a range of services.

POSCO E&C, a very responsible mineral oriented industrial plant EPC Contractor established in Korea with accumulated know-how from tons of EPC steel plant project, understands the international standards required by global mining industries. Under well-organized project management, we deliver projects to our clients on time by right mix of specialist skills and local experience to develop optimized detail design, provide a fixed price, mitigate forecasted & unexpected risks and assist clients achieving its first shipping date.

POSCO E&C has successfully entered the mine development business in countries with abundant resources, such as Australia, South America and provided completion confidence to our clients.

Key Projects


  • Australia Moolarben Coal Stage 2 Expansion

    Australia Moolarben Coal Stage 2 Expansion

    ◆ Project Period: Apr. 2015 ~ Jul. 2016
    ◆ Production Capacity: 12,000,000 T/Y
    ◆ Location: NSW, Australia
    ◆ Scope of Project: EPC

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  • POSCO, New Silo Plant

    POSCO, New Silo Plant

    ◆ Project Period: Dec. 2010 ~ Sep. 2012
    ◆ Storage Capacity: 50,000 ton, 15set
    ◆ Location: Gwangyang, Korea
    ◆ Scope of Project: EPC

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