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Water Treatment & Supply


POSCO E&C actively operates a water treatment and supply business that purifies river water to ensure the safe supply of potable water. We have successfully performed many EPC projects, including a project for a water treatment plant with capacity of 250,000㎥/day to supply clean water to POSCO and a project for a water treatment plant with a capacity of 74,000㎥/day to supply industrial water and clean water to the CSP plant in Brazil.
Furthermore, by participating in the national research project for eco-smart water supply conducted by the Ministry of Environment, we succeeded in obtaining approval for the operation record of one year in March, 2012, a first for a private company in Korea.

Key Projects

  • Pohang Water Treatment facility

    Pohang Water Treatment facility

    ◆ Project period: Jan. 2008 ~ Aug. 2008
    ◆ Treatment Capacity:
    - Fresh Water: 180,000 m³/day
    - Portable Water: 70,000 m³/day
    ◆ Scope of project: Design, facility supply, construction and trial run

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