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POSCO E&C takes the initiative to develop desalination technology that helps ensure the reliable supply of water resources by removing the salts dissolved in seawater to produce water for industrial, agricultural and residential uses.
We have secured knowhow in desalination projects by successfully performing both EPC and O&M projects to desalinate seawater and supply industrial water at a volume of 30,000㎥/day to new plant around the Gwangyang provinces. This means that we now hold the record for the largest commercialization desalination plant in Korea.

Our Technology of Seawater Desalination

POSSTAR* (POSCO Sustainable Tomorrow with Advanced Reverse Osmosis)
  • Pretreatment process with ceramic membrane and backwash
  • Forward Osmosis flushing for Reverse Osmosis
  • RO Permeate dilution depending on feed water quality
  • Waste water blending with RO concentrate under regulation
DCS Design (UF-RO Direct Coupling System)

This design technology will can save more effectively capital and operating cost compared to the conventional design system.

  • · Tankless : Innovative and compact system without intermediate storage tank and feed pump
  • · Energy efficiency : Without additional driving force except first feed pressure
  • · Nonstop flow : Continuous flow initial influent to final treated water

DCS Design

Promotional videos of desalination technology

Pre-treatment Pre-treatment (Hydro J.B. System)

UF-RO Direct Coupling System UF-RO Direct Coupling System

Desalination Case Study Desalination Case Study

Key Projects

  • Gwangyang Desalination facility

    Gwangyang Desalination facility

    ◆ Project period: Jan 2013 ~ Jul 2014
    ◆ Treatment Capacity: 30,000m³/day SWRO
    ◆ Scope of project: Design, facility supply, construction and operation

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  • Installation of pipeline of ASR-Plant in Abu Dahbi

    Installation of pipeline of ASR-Plant in Abu Dahbi

    ◆ Project period: Aug 2010 ~ Feb 2013
    ◆ Scale: [Water Pipes] 161Km(CS)
    3 well field scheme (426 wells)
    4 Pumps stations
    ◆ Scope of project: Design, facility supply, construction and trial run

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