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POSCO E&C's excellent technologies are being put to good use for national land development.

Based on our technological excellence, we have successfully led civil works, which is the nation's key industry, including road, port, bridge, railway and tunnel projects.

We have contributed to the progress of the road and site development sector by leveraging our cutting-edge technologies.

POSCO E&C is an integral part of the improvements to our national land.

  1. 01 Floating Breakwater

    The Repository of Environmentally-friendly Technology - Floating Breakwater

    With the increased environmental sensitivity of civil structures due to their impacts on the marine environment and ecological changes, there are increasing calls for the better utilization of marine space.

    As developed countries are already making huge investments in marine space, especially the sea, there is growing interest in breakwaters, which can effectively protect the marine space from wave attack. Floating breakwaters can secure the tranquility of an area by mooring floating bodies made of steel or concrete on the surface of coastal waters to break the waves away from the shore.

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  2. 02. Cable Bridge Analysis and Construction Management System

    The Nation's Best Total Long-span Bridge Design Analysis Program

    Constructing long-span bridges is one of the nation's key industries and is the core of road connections. Cable analysis and construction management is a core technology required to successfully perform the construction of long-span bridges. POSCO E&C's cable bridge analysis and construction management system is the nation's best software solution to be optimized for the precision analysis of cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges with steel and concrete girders. We have secured the construction engineering technology capability and design technology capability required to construct long-span bridges. It is this which is powering our evolution into the nation's leading construction company capable of building long-span bridges.

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  3. 03. Precast Built-up Bridge

    The Nation's First Technology for Precast Modular Bridge with Reinforced Joints

    Recent years have seen growing demand for precast technology used to shorten the construction period of bridges. The precast modular bridge involves having precast members assembled on site. This method is very effective in downtown areas where it is difficult to carry out concrete placing or formwork; it is also advantageous when construction needs to be completed within a short period of time. POSCO E&C developed the technology for precast modular bridges reinforced with steel bars and pipes, and was the first company in Korea to secure patents for it. This technology is expected to make infrastructure easier to build while also minimizing environmental damage.

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  4. 04. Reinforced Earth Abutment

    Significant Progress in Civil Works Technology

    The reinforced earth method is used to form a complex structure by laying stiffening members with a high tensile force at certain intervals on an embankment. Introduced from Ancient China, the method remains popular today. With our structural excellence proven through tests and research ongoing at bridge powerhouses around the world, including in Europe, the U.S. and Japan, the demand for this technology continues to grow, bolstered by our applicability to various applications, from retaining walls to roads, bridges and dams. The bridge structure construction method that utilizes the reinforced earth method has been shown to be superior to existing construction methods in terms of economic feasibility, buildability and structure. We have secured our own reinforced earth abutment technology by applying and upgrading advanced technologies through technical development and extensive field tests.

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  1. 05. Light Rail Transit Operation Simulation System

    POSCO E&C's operational simulation Technology Enables the Independent Execution of the Basic Plan

    There is growing interest in green, fast and punctual forms of public transportation in many countries around the world, and Light Rail Transit (LRT) delivers on all three accounts.

    Designing the routes of LRT requires operational simulation technology. This is because designing the routes requires rigorous testing to obtain the operational data required for new route planning, which usually requires enormous investment and can involve a host of safety issues. We have developed Smart LRT, our own operational simulation software, which is making us one of the leading global competitors in the LRT business.

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  2. 06. PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)

    New Technology to Replace Passenger Car Transportation - PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)

    The PRT technology is a technology that has the potential to become one of the core means of transport in the future. Developed countries have already actively invested in this technology and our supporting infrastructure.

    Vectus PRT, financed by POSCO E&C, was a latecomer to the development of the technology in 2004. Nevertheless, it has already taken the lead from global competitors by securing capabilities matching those of the leading companies. The PRT is an environmentally-friendly cutting-edge public transportation system that combines the merits of urban railways, such as punctuation, safety and reliability, with the additional merits of accessibility, convenience, privacy and economic feasibility. The PRT is a technology with a high value that will only appreciate in the future.

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