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Introduction to Environment


Environmental businesses require long-term vision. There are no limits to the investigation and the efforts of POSCO E & C to create a healthier future and achieve coexistence between humans and nature.

From the installation of infrastructure for water and wastewater treatment to the construction of facilities for reuse of resources such as smelting furnaces and facilities for solidification of sludges, POSCO E & C has been recognized for having technologies and experience the highest level in the nation.

We are expanding in the areas of desalination and wastewater recycling.

POSCO E&C will help resolve water shortages in the world and will become a world leader in the field of water through their active participation in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O & M).

The Project List
  • Environment
    • · Wastewater Treatment
    • · Water Treatment & Supply
    • · Desalination
    • · Recycling of resources