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POSCO E&C's environmental technology leads the future construction culture.

With the growing threat to the environment in recent years, developing environmental technology to address the issues involved is critical. POSCO E&C has continued to invest in environmental technology, which has been dubbed 'the future of humankind'.

  1. 01 Bio-SAC Method

    The Nation's Best Advanced Biological Sewage Treatment Technology

    The Bio-SAC method is a fluidized bed biofilm method that uses waste tire media to eliminate organic material and nutritive salts such as nitrogen and phosphorous in sewage and waste water. It provides an environment in which various kinds of microorganisms can grow stably, which gives it excellent resilience against harmful factors, including changes in temperature and pH, shock loading and the inflow of non-degradable material.

    The process consists of an anaerobic tank, anoxic tank, Bio-SAC (aerobic) tank, and internal water circulation tank. It is one of the foremost brand technologies of POSCO E&C.

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  2. 02. Sewage Sludge Fuelization Technology

    Technology to Take the Initiative in Global Environment Protection

    With the upcoming enforcement of obligations to reduce greenhouse gases under the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the prohibition of discharge of sewage sludge into seas from February 2011, and the impact of high oil prices, it has become more important than ever to secure new and renewable energy resources and waste-to-energy technologies.

    POSCO E&C has developed the sewage sludge fuelization technology used to produce high quality, environmentally-friendly sludge fuel through the mixing, forming and drying processes using organic sludge, which is a waste resource. Utilizing sludge fuel produced through this technology as auxiliary feedstock for coal-fired power plants is expected to provide economic feasibility, environment-friendliness and efficiency, and make a huge contribution to establishing a resource-recycling economic society through low-carbon green growth policies of the government. Furthermore, we are realizing both the development of alternative energy resources and the protection of earth environment at the same time by commercializing the technology for reproducing sludge into environmentally-friendly energy resources.

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  3. 03. Melting Incinerator Technology

    Byword for Clean Technology - Melting Incinerator Technology

    Existing stocker incinerators face social issues, such as toxic gases generated from incineration through common combustion and secondary contamination caused by ash.

    With the growing demand for harmless treatment and waste recycling, melting incinerator technology is already being commercialized in many developed countries, including Japan. In line with this, POSCO E&C has upgraded our technology to meet the standards set by the pyrolysis melting technology used in other developed countries. Furthermore, this has been applied to facilities in Goyang and Yangsan, the first time such technology has been used in Korea. The melting incinerator technology is an environmentally-friendly clean technology whose profile is on the rise thanks to it providing a viable alternative to stocker incineration through maximizing the utilization of domestic resources and realizing "Waste to Energy".

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