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Introduction to Power Plants

Power Plants

At POSCO E&C, we are moving forward to obtain energy from fire, light and wind. We proactive work to realize prosperity in harmony with nature and open up a brighter future. We continue to demonstrate excellence in our energy business technology, as shown by winning coal-fired power plant projects in Chile and Peru, which are the first plant projects in Latin America to be won by Korean construction companies.

We are seeking to advance into the future energy business, including green energy, such as wind and solar power, the SNG that produces synthesis gases out of coal, and the CCS for collecting and storing carbon dioxide. We will continue to practice our philosophy of symbiosis, which will enrich human life and harmonize nature with humankind.

Track Record
  • Power Plants
    • · Combined Cycle Power
    • · Coal-Fired Power
    • · Cogeneration Thermal Power
    • · New Energy
    • · Renewable Energy