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word mark

Harmony, unity, sense of innovation

POSCO's five English alphabet, while maintaining independent form each letter 'S' are arranged symmetrically around the inside and outside the company-oriented philosophy of harmony and unity expressed symbolically.

Color Pantone 302c (Process Color: C/100. M/35, K/40)

Corporate Logotypes

In considering the importance of a consistent corporate image and legibility issues, POSCO Engineering and Construction’s logotype used a design that was modern, yet modest, to maximize the efficiency of harmony and communication.



POSCO Engineering and Construction’s signature, developed with a uniform visual image in mind, was created to foster a unified corporate identity for its organization members and to convey a consistent corporate image outside of the company. Hence, any use of the signature requires extreme precaution. As a rule, the logotype must be applied in the lower-left space of the Water Mark. Each character in the Signature was fine-tuned to be proportionally harmonized with the entire Word Mark and as such, any discretionary changes to the shape, thickness, proportion, etc. are prohibited.