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POSCO E&C Finishes Structural Work for 101st Floor of Haeundae ‘LCT The Sharp’ at Last

APR 30 ,2019

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- The presence of the 411m-high building is revealed, the second tallest building in Korea after Lotte World Tower
- 1.29 million construction workers, 610,000m³ of concrete and 110,000 tons of rebar were injected
- Construction will wrap up and owners will move in as scheduled by the end of November 2019

The 101-floor LCT The Sharp, which POSCO E&C is constructing in Haeundae, Busan, began to reveal its gigantic structure.

POSCO E&C completed the structural work for the landmark tower of LCT The Sharp (101 floors, 411.6m) on March 25, which included the structural work for three buildings including the 85-floor residential towers. It’s been 1,272 days since the groundbreaking on October 1, 2015, and about 1.29 million workers (1,019 workers per day on average) were injected.

Having completed the structural work, specifically, using rebar and concrete to make the frame of the building, the interior work for apartments, residence hotels and commercial facilities is progressing smoothly. As a result, construction of LCT The Sharp will be completed by the end of November 2019, and people will be able to move in seamlessly.

LCT The Sharp, a mega development project whose total construction cost amounts to KRW 3 trillion, was called ‘best,’ ‘largest’ and ‘cutting-edge’ before groundbreaking, and created much fanfare.

The two 85-floor residential towers are 339m and 333m tall respectively, and are the highest residential complexes in Korea. The landmark tower, which will house the residence hotel (561 rooms) and the 6-star tourist hotel (260 rooms), is 411m tall and has 101 floors. It is the second tallest building after Lotte World Tower.

610,000m³ of concrete was used, which is equivalent to a quantity great enough for constructing more than 6,500 households, with an exclusive use space of 85m². 110,000 tons of steel products were used for LCT The Sharp, more than double Lotte World Tower.

As 80Mpa state-of-the-art ultra-high-strength concrete was used, which is strong enough to withstand 800kg per 1cm2, it can withstand even a 6.5-magnitude earthquake.

In particular, ‘HSA800,’ the 800Mpa high-strength steel product which world-class steelmaker POSCO is proud of for its top-notch quality, was also used. As the tensile strength of HSA800 is over 40% greater than that of conventional steel products for building structures, it is robust against earthquakes.
*HSA800: A high-strength steel product for construction that can withstand 80kg, the weight of an adult male, with 1㎟ of steel.

In addition, as LCT The Sharp implemented a wind-resistant system that can withstand strong winds with the maximum instantaneous wind velocity of 98m/sec, and applied the ultra-high-durability corrosion prevention technique, which is applied to bridges, floating structures and power generation systems, it is robust against salt.

A POSCO E&C official stated, “To ensure that the customers who move into LCT The Sharp, which will become a landmark of Busan, can live in the best environment, we will carry out the construction work perfectly, and play the role of a corporate citizen who grows alongside the local community by taking the lead in invigorating the local economy.”

Attachment: A panoramic view of LCT The Sharp / an image of concrete placement for the foundation