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POSCO E&C Conducts Medical Volunteer Services in Long Son Commune of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam

JUN 24 ,2019

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- As many as 1,300 residents of Long Son commune of Ba Ria-Vung received medical volunteer services from POSCO E&C
- POSCO E&C donated goods including solar generators, air conditioners, and laptops to Long Son Health Center

POSCO E&C, a South Korean global comprehensive construction company, has conducted medical volunteer services on Long Son island of Vietnam's Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, located about 80 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

POSCO E&C is South Korea's leading comprehensive construction company that constructs plants, skyscrapers, and residential facilities around the world and also conducts global-scale urban development and SOC projects based on its world-class leading-edge steel manufacturing plant technology.

Starting with establishing POS-LILAMA (presently called POSCO E&C Vietnam) jointly with Vietnamese construction company LILAMA in June 1995, POSCO E&C has been maintaining a close relationship with Vietnam for the last 25 years. POSCO E&C has successfully conducted a variety of large-scale construction projects including Ho Chi Minh City landmark “Diamond Plaza,” North An Khanh new city “Splendora,” Vietnam’s largest steel complex “Formosa Ha Tinh Integrated Steel Complex,” “Nội Bài-Lào Cai Expressway,” and “Danang-Quang Ngai Expressway,” and the company is currently constructing Long Son Petrochemical Complex and Hanoi Light Rail.

Long Son Petrochemical Complex is the first petrochemical complex in Vietnam. When the construction of this complex is completed in 2022, annual production of 1 million tons of ethylene and 1.2 million tons of petrochemical products will be made possible, increasing the share of petrochemical product production in Vietnam. POSCO E&C is presently engaged in three projects, installation of petrochemical product storage tanks, construction of dock facilities for receipt and shipment of goods, and site development.

▪ POSCO E&C conducts medical volunteer services for as many as 1,300 residents of Long Son commune of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam

To grow together with Long Son commune in which the petrochemical complex is being built, POSCO E&C has conducted oriental medical volunteer services including acupuncture and cupping therapies for local residents at a local health center in conjunction with the Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad (KOMSTA), made up of Oriental medical doctors.

The medical volunteer services were conducted for four days from the 17th to the 20th. The local residents greatly welcomed the visit to their town by KOMSTA, and about 1,300 local residents made a visit to the health center to receive medical care.

Le Thi Thuong, a 55-year-old woman who suffers from chronic back pain, said, "I think Korean acupuncture treatment is really effective. It has significantly improved the pain I have in my waist.”

Reporter Ngoc Trinh from local TV station BRT said, "Because the hospital is far, and the cost of medical treatment is high, when people here get sick, most of them tend to endure the sickness without getting any treatment. So, I hope Korean medical workers visit here more often.”

▪ POSCO E&C donates goods including solar generators and laptops to Long Son Health Center

On the 20th, the last day of its medical volunteer work, POSCO E&C delivered goods including solar power generators, air conditioners, laptops and water purifiers to Long Son Health Center.

The delivery ceremony was participated in by officials including Long Son People’s Commissars vice chairman Ong Dinh Thanh Tan, POSCO E&C Petrochemical Complex Site director Sang-Yup Lee, LSP vice president Soros Khlongchoengsan, and Ba Ria-Vung Tau Friendship Exchange Association chairman Ba Do Thi Nhu Mai.

"The goods prepared with care and delivered by POSCO E&C's employees will be a great help in improving the health and welfare of the residents of this area, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Friendship Exchange Association chairman Ba Do Thi Nhu Mai said, adding, “I also hope that the ongoing construction of LSP Petrochemical Complex will be completed successfully.”

"Since 2010, POSCO E&C has been conducting a wide range of social contribution activities each year such as medical volunteer services, cultural exchange festivals, and educational activities in overseas regions including Southeast Asia and Central and South America in conjunction with our overseas subsidiaries," said POSCO E&C Social Contribution Group head Won-jin Jang. “Going forward, POSCO E&C will continue to fulfill our role as a corporate citizen who grows together with the local community through a variety of activities.”