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POSCO E&ampC To Train and Recruit Skilled Construction Workers in Indonesia

SEP 20 ,2019

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- POSCO E&C plans to produce 100 skilled construction workers in four training sessions from September 16 to November.
- Training in the fields of electricity, facilities, masonry, welding, and safety will take place, with accommodation, meals, and training allowances provided.
- Trainees who complete the training program will be preferentially hired at the construction site of “Rajawali Place.”

POSCO E&C will internally train and locally recruit entry-level skilled manpower needed at its overseas business sites.

On the 16th, POSCO E&C launched “Training Center for Skilled Construction Workers” in Jakarta, Indonesia and started training the center's first batch of trainees, 25 in total.

“Training Center for Skilled Construction Workers” is a training program that provides local jobseekers overseas with construction-related theoretical and practical training for a certain period of time before helping them find employment at its local business sites.

In Indonesia, POSCO E&C is hailed for its sustainable business types of social contribution activities, which enable POSCO E&C to procure skilled manpower while providing quality jobs to local communities.

POSCO E&C'S Training Center for Skilled Construction Workers in Indonesia is set to conduct training in the fields of electricity, facilities, masonry, welding, and safety over a period of two weeks. Following its first batch of trainees, the training center will be producing 100 entry-level skilled workers in a total of four training sessions by this November, and the trainees will be provided with training allowances, work clothes, accommodation, and an assortment of training materials and equipment.

POSCO E&C plans to help trainees who complete the training program find employment at its partner companies engaged in the construction of “Rajawali Place,” which is being built by POSCO E&C in Jakarta.

The “Rajawali Place” construction project, which POSCO E&C won with a bid of 133 billion KRW in September 2017, involves renovating a former Four Seasons hotel in the central business district of Jakarta and building one 55-story apartment unit and one 27-story office unit. “Rajawali Place” is scheduled to be completed in September next year.

“Under the current circumstances where it is difficult to recruit professional manpower suitable for each type of construction at our overseas business sites, we expect this program to help our partner companies procure necessary manpower,” a POSCO E&C official said. “POSCO E&C will actively carry out our global corporate citizenship activities overseas as well by coming up with more programs that will yield win-win outcomes for us and local communities.

Sulaeman Sidik, 20, who was chosen to participate in the program, said enthusiastically, “I have been working as a day laborer on construction sites assisting skilled workers, and I am glad to be picked as a trainee. I aim to become a competent welding technician through this program.”

POSCO E&C produced more than 180 skilled workers through a vocational school for welding operated in Nhơn Trạch, Vietnam from 2013 to 2015, and last year, the company produced 60 skilled construction workers in Myanmar. POSCO E&C plans to continually operate training centers for skilled construction workers in Southeast Asian countries to produce entry-level and intermediate skilled workers in the region.