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Preservation of Global Environment

POSCO E&C has been leading environmental-friendly management activities through its aggressive promotion of environmentally sound business areas. As part of its contribution to the preservation of the global environment, POSCO E&C is engaged in the construction of facilities for advanced sewage processing and adaptive waste incineration, as well as research and development into and the construction of iron plants or LNG combined cycle power plants with low pollutant emissions such as FINEX, and eco-friendly residences.

Aware of the Need to Protect Nature

POSCO E&C performs a range of activities dedicated to the protection of the natural environment, particularly for the rivers and mountains surrounding our sites. We have made concerted efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues by holding an Environment Day event and developing Covenants for Environmental Protection.

Establishing Procedures and Systems

POSCO E&C has developed environmentally-friendly management manuals pursuant to ISO 14000, the International Standard for environmentally-friendly management. To investigate and evaluate the magnitude of the direct or indirect impact of its activities, products and services on the environment we thoroughly review jobs, work procedures, materials, equipment, furniture and buildings. Based on the results of the evaluation, we assess the critical impact on the environment, and define in-depth objectives for dealing with our environmental impact in order to implement environmentally-friendly management.

Incentives for Subcontractors

To implement environmentally-friendly management, POSCO E&C provides additional points for enrollment and evaluation to subcontractors that have acquired the ISO 14000 certification or for those who have been recognized for their excellent environmental initiatives.

Evaluation and Rewards

POSCO E&C conducts quarterly inspections and evaluations of the safety and environmental management of each construction site, and provides various incentives and rewards to sites and contractors who are evaluated as excellent.

Internal and External Auditing

POSCO entrusts independent certification institutes and its own in-house audit team to audit all of the works carried out at its operating departments and construction sites in compliance with the environmental management standards of the company. POSCO E&C reflects the results of such audits in its environmentally-friendly management to ensure we achieve consistent improvements.