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Environmental Management

POSCO Family Environmental Policy

POSCO Family recognizes that the environment is the core element in its management strategy and, to that end, puts into practice the following tasks to lead low-carbon green growth by securing environmental soundness based on technical development and open communication.

  • 01

    Secure global leadership by establishing POSCO Family's environmental management system based on ISO 14001.

  • 02

    Continue to improve the environment by complying with environmental laws and regulations and considering all business processes.

  • 03

    Minimize the discharge of contaminants by introducing clean production processes and applying optimal prevention technology.

  • 04

    Establish a resource recycling society and enhance ecological efficiency by efficiently utilizing natural resources and by-products.

  • 05

    Take the lead in low-carbon green growth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using clean energy and applying green technology.

  • 06

    Secure transparent management by making public the performance of its environmental management and pursue sustainability.

Environment Policy

Build the GREEN. Eco-friendly Construction for Envi. Preservation

Establish a Envi. Management System for Accident Prevention and GHG Reduction

Envi. Management
  • Establish a Envi. Management System

    ISO14001 Certification

  • Establish Envi. Consciousness

    Envi. Traing and Campaign

Accident Prevention
  • Obey Envi. Regulations

    Tighten Self-Envi. management

  • Envi. Civil Complaint Management

    Prevention and Minimize

GHG Reduction
  • Office Building Reduction

    Improve Energy and work process Efficiency

  • Subcontractor Reduction

    Green-Partnership work


ISO 14001

Green Management System Certificate