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Ethical Management

POSCO E&C has continually practiced Transparent Management and Principle-based Management through recognition at the highest level that the company's management philosophy must remain the core value of the corporation.

Markets today require that companies not only deliver on the bottom line, but also provide straightforwardness and transparency in terms of their operation. Unethical business is bad business and a sure way to lose the trust of the customer. To ensure a sustainable corporation, POSCO E&C set out a code of ethics on July 10, 2003, and all employees have pledged to adhere to it.

In 2013, the 10th anniversary of the declaration, POSCO E&C declared a new ethical management paradigm entitled 'Happiness Management'.

This new paradigm aims to create a better world by creating a virtuous cycle in the surrounding business ecosystem through 'Happiness Management' consisting of 'Future', 'Public Interest', and 'Win-Win Growth' and spreading it to surrounding areas for the happiness and wellbeing of all the community.

CEO's Message

All members of POSCO E&C are determined to become people who act in a fair and just way. Each employee clearly understands that ethical management is the most fundamental and important management strategy for the sustainable growth of the corporation.

President & CEO
Tae-Hyun Hwang