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Green Purchase

Definition and Scope

Purchase of environmentally-friendly products that minimize the resource depletion or environment contamination, or products with less impact on the environment and the human body than other products.

Certified Green Purchase
GPT1 :  Environment-friendliness certified products
GPT2 :  GR (Good Recycled) certified products
GPT3 :  Energy saving products (Energy consumption efficiency rate 1-2, energy saving certified products, high-energy efficiency equipment and materials)
In-house Green Purchase
GPT4 :  Hazardous material reduced materials (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent cadmium, PCB, asbestos, formaldehyde)
GPT5 :  Waste reduced materials (modified package unit, purchase on condition of waste recovery, refilling agreement, rechargeable products, etc.)
GPT6 :  Others (low-noise sound absorbents, products certified of environmentally-friendliness in foreign countries):
* Blue Angel (Germany), Eco Mark (Japan), EU Flower (EU), Environmental Choice (Canada), Green Seal / Energy Star (U.S.)


POSCO Group drives the green purchase system in a strategic manner to deliver environmentally-friendly quality products to consumers at optimal prices in time. To achieve this objective, POSCO strictly complies with the following principles.

  • First, POSCO shall be compliant with regulations and fulfil its social responsibilities to protect the environment and preserve natural resources with every purchase activity.
  • Second, POSCO shall establish well-defined collaboration relationship with suppliers to realize the environment-relevant policies of POSCO in every purchase activity.
  • Third, POSCO shall commit its best efforts to deal with the best suppliers for the purposes of a stable production of environmentally-friendly products, consistent quality improvements and a reduction in total costs.


  1. Finding Out Eco-friendly Products
    Finding out products in six major types of products
    Operation of a proposal system for the supply of environmentally-friendly products by suppliers
  2. Registering Environment-friendly Products
    Marking of environmentally-friendly information on each product
    Clear marking of environmentally-friendliness
  3. Drive of Green Purchase
    Mandatory review of environmentally-friendliness
    Preferential purchase of environmentally-friendly products
  4. Achievement Management
    and Announcement
    Quarterly achievement recording (by type and company)
    Announced in a manner that alerts people inside and outside the company to it


POSCO Group aggressively practices the green purchase system to enhance the value of the corporation through environmentally-friendly operation for protecting natural environment and society. For this effect, the group commenced the green purchase guidelines from July, 2002, and preferentially purchases six types of environmentally-friendly products including: those certified of the environment label of the Ministry of Environment; those certified of Good Recycled label of the Ministry of Industry and Resources; energy saving products; those reduced of harmful materials; those with reduced waste; and incombustible materials or products certified of environment labels in foreign countries.

Green Purchase Record
(Unit: KRW 100M)
Classification 2008 2009 2010
Environment label certified 37,850 38,600 37,500
GR Mark certified 976 1,135 1,002
Energy saving certified 17,450 21,340 19,750
Harmful material reduced certified 4,286 4,775 3,500
Waste reduced certified 15 17 29
Others 3,710 4,452 6,986
Total 64,287 70,319 68,767