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Quality Management

Quality Policy

To realize customer satisfaction, POSCO establishes and executes a quality management system that meets the global standards and customers’ requirements while also continuously improving them.

  • 01Provide the optimal product and service based on understanding of customers and technical ability.
  • 02Secure highest quality competitiveness through continuous improvement and innovation.
  • 03Seek after sustainable management through cooperation with partners.

Everyone at POSCO E&C will implement above quality management policy and achieve customer satisfaction and management objectives while maximizing the value of the company.

Quality Management Strategy

The POSCO Quality. Word-class quality for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Global Top level of Quality

  • Inspection & Test Reliability

    To observe standard work process

  • To create customer’s value

    One best practice from One PJT

  • NCR (Non-Conformance Report)

    To issue two major NCR a month

  • To improve QMI

    Quality Management Index 85 pts.

  • To reinforce Q-point

    100% Output control for Q-point

  • Self Quality Check system

    Site Office, Sub-contractors (Half-yearly)

Quality Management System

POSCO E&C has created optimal customer values and business performance by continuously improving business quality through the establishment, improvement and implementation of an optimal global management system.

  1. Customer needs and expectations
  2. Resource control
    Understanding, securing and utilizing resources
    Human resources
    Business (work) environment
    Product implementation
    Contract awarding and planning
    Project action plan
    Procurement control
    Construction/service control
    Measuring/Monitoring Equipment control
    Non-conforming product control
    Data analysis
    Improvement/corrective action/preventive action
    Management responsibility
    Setting up policy and objectives.
    Responsibility/authority and communication
    Management review (performance evaluation)
    Quality Management System
    Understanding and documenting processes
    Document/record control
  3. Customer satisfaction

Project Quality Control

To secure global-level project quality, POSCO E&C closely supports quality control activities at project sites and ensures optimal quality management through our quality management system.

POSCO E&C Attains World's Top-tier Quality through Continuous Improvement.
Total quality control system
· Quality improvement activities at sites
· Construction non-conformance analysis
· Corrective and preventive action
· Analysis of the result of inspection by external   institutes
Close support for project sites
· Operation of quality diagnosis
· Establishment and implementation of
  quality documents
· One-stop support for troubles
· Provision of global procedure
  • · Setting up site quality policy and objectives
  • · Approval of quality control plan
  • · Contract details and design document review and field inspection
  • · Approval of work procedure and construction plan
  • · Inspection and testing plan
  • · Intensive quality control
  • · Process progress and project control
  • · Checks and tests by stage
  • · Receiving inspection and plant inspection
  • · Quality improvement activities
  • · Quality trend analysis and quality objective control
  • · Review of quality objective improvement

Quality Management System Certificates

POSCO E&C has acquired global standards for the quality management system established by the International Organization for Standardization (IOS).

ISO 9001

SS ISO 9001

International Nuclear Quality System Certificates

POSCO E&C was certified as a company capable of the design, manufacture and construction in the field of nuclear energy by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). We acquired ASME Section III certification and have certificates in Nuclear Assembly (NA), Nuclear Parts (NPT) and Nuclear Support (NS).




Domestic Nuclear Quality System Certificates

POSCO E&C met the requirements for securing generation facilities and equipment reliability required for the construction of nuclear and hydration power plants defined by KEPIC, which is run by Korea Electric Association entrusted by the government. As a result, we currently have KEPIC certificates in MN, EN, SN and HN.





Generation Quality System Certificates

POSCO E&C was certified as a company capable of design, manufacture, and construction according to the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). As a result, we have the ASME Section I Power Boiler certificate.