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Safety Management

POSCO E&C is pushing ahead with the 'Beautiful Project Site' project to improve improper habits of workers and create a clean, convenient, and healthy work site.

Clean site

We install the safety path, dubbed the 'Way of Change', at the entrance of the site to continuously reinforce the safety awareness of workers. We strive to make a clean site through uniformizing information centers, which decide the first impression of the site, and by encouraging workers to make a habit of arranging things in good order.

Way of Change
Information center
Arrangement in daily work

Convenient site

We also make it a rule to install clean restrooms and comfortable lounges on site in order to allow workers to take a rest both mentally and physically, and improve the effects of worker training by posting uniform safety promotion materials.

Clean restrooms
Comfortable lounges
Friendly training center

Healthy site

We support the health care of workers by running a health care center on site that conducts doctor consultations and disease prevention education at least half-yearly. We also create hygienic and clean restaurants.

health care center
Worker restaurant